Love in the Sand

What So Many of the Faithful Get Wrong about Love

In today’s world, we use the word “love” in a plethora of contexts — in everything from family members to food. Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, Christian speakers and YouTube stars, discuss in a recent video what love truly means today. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, Jeff Bethke has a deep relationship with his faith that he shares… Read more

Pink Love on Red Background

American Woman Marries Ethiopian Prince She Met At A Club, Becomes A Princess

In a royal fairytale that conjures the 1988 romantic comedy film “Coming to America,” an American woman became a princess in September when she married an Ethiopian prince whom she met at a Washington, D.C.. nightclub nearly 12 years ago. Ariana Austin, 33, and Joel Makonnen, 35, were married in an Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony in Maryland… Read more


Smoke in the Orchard Cocktail

Smoke in the Orchard Matt Taylor-Gross Created by 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards finalist Natalie Jacob of Arsenic Lace, this fruity-smoky fall cocktail won the cocktail competition hosted during the awards event in Charleston, South Carolina. Jacob says: “I was inspired by a classic buck-style cocktail—spirit, ginger, lime, and soda—but wanted to create more of a fall… Read more

Take My Heart

Movie review: ‘The Mountain Between Us’ is a Harlequin-worthy romantic fantasy masquerading as an adventure film

Most of us, in the lives we’ve chosen to lead, are highly unlikely to find ourselves stranded on a mountaintop with Idris Elba. This is something with which we must all, in our own individual ways, find peace. But, for those still holding on to the dream, here comes “The Mountain Between Us,” a Harlequin-worthy romantic… Read more

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