Wooden Hearts on the Sand

Love, Dating and Marriage Among the Young in 2017: Rare and Beautiful

,We ooh and aah when we see a gorgeous young couple tie the knot these days. Wedded bliss among the young and the restless, however, seems an increasingly rare occurrence in 2017. Here are four critical data points and facts culled from research, surveys and polls about how relationships have shifted in recent generations — to… Read more

Window Hearts

A Quick Guide To Flirting With Women Online

It is really tough to converse with a possible date over an online dating platform. Even the most savvy of men can be off putting when it comes to chatting online. Something about anonymity behind a computer screen gives some men a ticket to act ridiculous and forget their manners. However, with online dating and meeting… Read more

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Study on women and their moms finds physical attractiveness takes priority over personality

Both women and their mothers expect potential dating partners to meet a minimum level of physical attractiveness regardless of their personality, new research published in Evolutionary Psychological Science suggests. In the study, 80 women and their mothers were presented with photographs of three men: an attractive man, moderately attractive man, and unattractive man. Each photograph was… Read more

Dating on the internet

21st century dating: How technology is helping us find love at first swipe

We all, or at least many of us, remember the classic Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie ‘You’ve Got Mail'[1]. For those of you who do not, it was one of the first movies to integrate online dating into the story line. In this 1998 classic, Ryan and Hanks send emails back and forth with the… Read more

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Single moms with sons struggle to find new mates

These may be more enlightened times, but single mothers-particularly those with boys-still face a struggle finding a new partner in China, an online dating agency has found. A survey of more than 10,000 divorcees registered with online matchmaking service provider Jiayuan found that 35 percent of men would not consider dating someone with a child, while… Read more

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