How to Pursue Your Wife and Make Her Feel Loved

Before marriage, men are hunters; they pursue their woman and make her feel special. But many wives are concerned that after the wedding, men rarely put any effort in the marriage. The hunting stops yet the hunting and pursuit is what makes a woman feel special, like she is a man’s priority and wanted. Here are… Read more


What is love? New film could reveal

Actor Wei Daxun alongside actress Guo Shutong co-star the upcoming movie Fight for Love. [Photo provided to China Daily] The universal theme of films will be invoked yet again in the upcoming Fight for Love. Starring pop idols Wei Daxun and Guo Shutong, the 88-minute romantic film tells of an unexpected reunion of former lovers, who… Read more

Wooden Hanging Hearts

Finding love in the reel world

Despite the host of online dating options available today, television shows are still considered by many as the most credible matchmaking platform in China ‘You have entered my world in a very special way. Despite our brief interaction, do you think we can develop something further?” said 28-year-old Guan Yongxiang, who had his hand extended as… Read more

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Demi Lovato Uses Dating Apps Just Like Everyone Else

In 2017, many people aren’t finding love in a supermarket aisle or at the bar. According to the Pew Research Center, at least 15 percent of U.S. adults are swiping left and right on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and others—including celebrities. In her new documentary, Simply Complicated, singer Demi Lovato revealed that she has turned… Read more

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