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These country hit-makers sure know how to make a love song sound good

LANCO Country music’s 2017 breakout band LANCO may have released their romantic love song, “Greatest Love Story,” back in March of last year, but the gorgeous ballad still continues to stick in our heads to this day with its timeless groove and emotional lyrics. Lucky for us, the five-man group — made up of members, Brandon… Read more

Hearts United

Smartphones Could Be Ruining Your Love Life

The majority of our relationships are in shambles. The U.S. divorce rate hovers at 40 percent, but that’s not the whole story. Many intact relationships are on life support. According to a survey by the National Opinion Research Center, 60 percent of people in a relationship say they’re not very satisfied. There are some familiar culprits:… Read more


Dating Apps: Robot Women Con Men Out of $150 Million

Several Chinese mobile dating applications have been closed after authorities said that the “beautiful women” looking for love were actually robots programmed to defraud men, local press reported. Law enforcement in south Guangdong province led an operation conducted by autonomous regions and municipalities simultaneously that shut down 21 dating app providers after approximately 600 suspects in… Read more

Relationship in Trouble

The sexiest moments in ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Trailer

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s romance experienced a number of hurdles in the Fifty Shades franchise—like Christian’s intense penchant for BDSM and Anastasia’s obsessive ex-boss Jack Hyde. Despite the scandals that embroiled their relationship, there’s one aspect of Anastasia and Christians love that has never faltered: their piping hot sex. The trailer for the newest film… Read more

Hearts United

Heartache for sale at Vietnam’s ex-lovers market

At Vietnam’s Old Flames market, curious customers peruse love letters and pick through perfumes, candles and clothes — relics from failed relationships put on sale by forlorn lovers. Entrepreneurial exes meet once a month, bringing their baggage — emotional and literal — to a converted cottage on a leafy Hanoi street to find a new home… Read more

How to Pursue Your Wife and Make Her Feel Loved

Before marriage, men are hunters; they pursue their woman and make her feel special. But many wives are concerned that after the wedding, men rarely put any effort in the marriage. The hunting stops yet the hunting and pursuit is what makes a woman feel special, like she is a man’s priority and wanted. Here are… Read more

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