16 Tips On How To Get A Partner To Love


How To Get A Partner Love Will Find You
You’ve decided you would like to find a partner to share your life but don’t know how to get a partner that will compliment and be there for you.  Below are 16 tips on how to get a partner to share your life:

How To Get A Partner 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

1. Love yourself

Are you happy with your lifestyle choices, career etc.  Are there any areas that need improvement?


2. Enjoy your own company

Are you happy to spend time alone or are you insecure and always looking for a partner to make you feel good?


3. Learn from past relationships

Ask yourself the hard questions.  Why didn’t the relation work?  What could you have done differently?  What qualities did your ex-partner have that you found unattractive?

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4. Personal grooming

Ask your friends, family or work colleagues for an honest opinion.  No one wants a partner that has body odor, unattractive hair growth, poor nail grooming or bad breath.


5. Personal conduct

Look at your social group to see if they portray the image that you align yourself with.  If you’re friends are out conducting themselves in a poor manner than chances are you will be viewed as being the same.  Remember like attracts like!

How To Get A Partner No More Narcissists

6. What are the core qualities do you want in a partner?

They can include mutual respect, trust, honesty, supportive, fairness, equality, good communication and humor.


7. What qualities are deal breakers?

Does your partner have to be of the same race or religion?  A non-drinker or non-smoker?


8. What will you compromise?

Don’t have too many rules and expectations.  What are you flexible on?  Perhaps they don’t have to be a religious person but you would like them to have personal values that align with your religious beliefs.

How To Get A Partner How To Find Your Soulmate

9. Proximity

Are you up for a long distance relationship?  How far are you prepared to travel?


10. Don’t put all your energy into finding a partner

Enjoy the relationships and career you have right now.  You will be surprised when a partner enters your life when you least expect it.

11. Where are you looking to find your partner?

There are many place to find a partner including dance classes, sports groups, volunteering, interest groups, hobby groups and night classes are all great places to form new friendships and find a partner.


Be open to finding a partner wherever you are including your workplace.  As long as it’s not against company policy then go for it.  A lot of companies have a social club you could join to find a partner.

How To Get A Partner Increase Self Confidence

Dating websites are also a great way to find a partner online.


12. First impressions

We all have flaws and what you feel are your flaws your partner may feel quirky and appealing and the same goes for your potential partner.  Get to know the person on a deeper level you may be surprised what you find appealing.

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13. Social etiquette when dating

Put your phone on silent and leave it in your bag or pocket.  Remember the basics – don’t talk with your mouth full, swear, use the correct cutlery start from the outside and use your fork as a fork not a shovel.


14. Be attentive

Your date should have your full attention.  Be interested in what they are saying and ask questions so you can learn as much as possible from your potential partner.  It’s a great way to find out whether you have similar interests, hobbies and core values

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15. Have a deep connection with your partner before sex

Take your time to really get to know your partner on an intellectual level before engaging in sex.  This will make it easier to end the relationship if it’s not working out or if everything is going great will make the sex more intense and gratifying.


16. Is this the partner for you?

All relationships take time to mature.  A great partner will let you be yourself, enjoy having fun with you, share the same long term goals and bring out the best in you.  Can you picture this person in your future?  Are they feeling the same about you?


Finding a partner to share your life with can be daunting.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to find a partner immediately, take your time, enjoy each date and learn, grow and laugh along the way!  There is a fantastic partner out there for you.




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